ENGINEERING CORNER: What is the key ingredient to your superior tank and body strength?

I would say the key to our success in leading the industry with high strength, quality products is our company’s commitment to the details of construction.  What do I mean by that? Well, first, it starts with quality material.  We use Polyprene a special blend of co-polymer polypropylene that resists dents, dings and corrosion and welds perfectly for a high performing, excellent bond.

We then use a system of interlocking our joints in our products – carefully using grooving and cutting patterns from our CNC routing equipment.  Our tanks and bodies are carefully designed on our solid modeling computer software to take full advantage of these mechanical joints.  We call this the Pro Lock system.  We use our Bent Edge corners to eliminate seams, and then we add in the interlocking seams and joints.  Our team carefully welds each of these mechanical seams with state-of-the-art welding equipment.  The result: a custom tank and body second to none!  We are proud of our 25 year tradition of using these construction techniques, equipment and material to deliver the very best in thermoplastic technology for the fire industry!

Call me or shoot me an email to discuss our techniques further.  Or, if you want to talk fishing that Tim mentioned in his post last month as I usually outfish him!


Chris Smith
Engineering Manager & Florida Plant Manager

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