A Note from our President, Tim Dean

There are two exceptional aspects to fly fishing for mountain trout, in my opinion.  First, it is the beauty of the venue.  The cold mountain water rushing down, over and through various rock formations that have taken eons of time to formulate.

This watery trout highway is a perfect canvas to paint this picturesque mountain scene into your mind’s art gallery for further appreciation.  Secondly, successful fly fishing requires one to perfect one’s patience.  To thwart the trout with an artificial fly, you must be meticulous and patient.  You have to carefully select the location for your fly drift.  You have to negotiate the mountain trees and shrubbery to access that perfect spot in the river.  You must make the perfect cast.  And, then you must mend your line to maximize the time for that fly to float across the pool of water where you just know a trout lurks.  The reward for the patient fly fishing aficionado: a thrilling, lightning quick strike from a worthy, fast and furious opponent, which quickly results in a bend in the fly rod!  And, if you’re so inclined, a nice supplement in the morning frying pan with eggs and toast!

I had the opportunity to fly fish following my release from active Army duty on Monday, June 19th in the northern New Mexico mountains.  It was quite nice. The cool mountain temps were also a great benefit.   My wife joined me and we had a wonderful trip. If you have never visited north New Mexico, I highly recommend it.

In addition to fly fishing, I had the chance to reflect on a year of Army duty.  It was a privilege to help our country from the active duty side.  My Army reserve career has been very rewarding from learning new ideas, meeting excellent people and engaging in the defense of our great country.  I enjoyed my year of service, but I am glad it is complete.  I am excited to be home to re-engage more fully in my civilian work as well as renew family and friend relationships.

I also look forward to visiting with many of you in at the various activities around our great fire industry.  Our companies continue to see positive sales growth; we thank you for your commitment to Pro Poly and PolyBilt.  We are passionately committed to you and your customers – in the manufacturing of quality products that save lives and property.  We are eager to continue to earn your business, and I look forward to sharing this passion with you as well as the passion for catching trout (or any other fish species)!

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