Long time employee rescues lady from burning car

Recently, a local Ocala woman was driving near the Dean Family Farm in the early morning hours. She went off the road at their driveway, her car hit the culvert, she went airborne and clipped the top section of fence boards. Her car missed the telephone pole by inches, landed upside down in the bull field and caught on fire.

Long time employee, Neal Durbin, who lives on the farm heard the commotion, grabbed his fire extinguisher, jumped in his truck and headed to the scene.  He started knocking down the fire and found the woman in the backseat of the burning car.  Neal pulled her out, dragging her away in his bare feet while stepping out of his slippers. The car then erupted into 30 foot flames.

Luckily, the the driver survived with only cuts, bruises and a broken leg.

Neal stayed for hours, after the wrecker pulled the car out of the field.  He also repaired the fence and reconnect the electric fence that he disabled so the firefighters could get to the car.

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