Core Values – Neatness

At first glance, one may question why neatness is a core value of a manufacturing company.  Isn’t manufacturing by it’s very nature a dirty and messy operation?

The answer to this question is an affirmative no.  The Polyprene fabrication processes utilized by the Pro Poly team to produce quality tanks and PolyBilt truck bodies incorporates a clean and tidy state of the art manufacturing process.

Our team of certified and master certified thermoplastic welders are committed to a quality product by engaging in a neat, orderly and quality process.

Neatness is a quality we borrowed from the US Marines.  The Marines pride themselves on neatness and order to foster a work environment of excellence.  Similarly, the Pro Poly Team strives for neat and orderly work environment in its factories, work stations and processes in order to instill excellence in all aspects of our business.

We think you’ll notice the Pro Poly difference too.

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