Road Signs, Mission Statements and Core Values…

When we took our kids to Disney World in Orlando during a day off of school, youthful anticipation and excitement would seem to reach a boiling point in our car as we rolled southbound along the Florida Turnpike and approached the Magic Kingdom.  The Disney World mileage and direction and route signs posted on this well used Florida highway provided the heat to our children’s’ excitement, and as we made the final approach, their young minds were well informed that Mickey Mouse was indeed very close.

Just as signs along the roadways provide valuable information to its travelers, mission statements and core values provide valuable information to a company’s employees, customers, suppliers and friends. They share the vision of the company founders and management team with the greater community. They guide and direct a company as it navigates the course of the business landscape.

At Pro Poly, we’re proud of our mission statement and our core values. They give us signposts to guide our way so that we stay on the right road of success. They give us encouragement that our destination is a worthy one and reaching it in an effective, quality and ethical way matters.

We hope you take a minute to read our company signposts, and they inspire in you a bit of youthful anticipation and excitement that a quality thermoplastic water and foam tank or truck body are at the end of your Pro Poly ordering highway.

Tim Dean

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