Bull Tough Bodies Proof

Our customer Phil Isaacson at Great Plains Fire reported the recent damage to one of his customer’s fire trucks outfitted with a PolyBilt® body. The truck was being used by the department as a traffic stop for a road accident. The firetruck was damaged by a tractor trailer attempting to drive past...

Pro Poly Pointer July 2020 Hello and thank you for tuning in to our video series of the Pro Poly Pointer. I finished a book on Father’s Day about the first modern emperor of Russia, Peter the Great, written by Robert Massie.  It is a fascinating biography of Russian life during late 17th and...

New Plant to open in Davis, WV

We are excited to announce the opening of our new plant in Davis, West Virginia. We are currently hiring for all positions, offering a clean working environment and four 10-hour days. Contact Tim at: for more information on the positions available.