Pro Poly of America, Inc.

How Pro Poly of America Became What It Is Today!

Pro Poly® was established in 1991 and is now Pro Poly of America, Inc. a leading manufacturer of poly water and foam tanks and truck bodies for the fire service industry with manufacturing and service centers in Florida, Wisconsin, Tennessee, United Kingdom and coming soon to Japan and Australia.

Pro Poly tanks and bodies are made from Polyprene® a specially formulated copolymer plastic that won’t rust, crack, or corrode, and is lighter than fiberglass and stainless steel in specific applications. Polyprene® welds are impervious to microbial attack. Also, Pro Poly has patented its Bent Edge® design to provide one of the strongest, most durable water and foam tanks and truck bodies available in the market today. In today’s fiercely competitive world, Pro Poly understands the value of customer relationships. That is why every member of the Pro Poly team strives to fulfill its corporate mission to provide unmatched customer service. Pro Poly delivers Pro One™ service to back up the long lasting, trouble free Polyprene® products manufactured in any of Pro Poly facilities around the world.

Pro Poly partnered with the Darley Company to create the PolyBilt® Body Company, LLC in 2001 in order to manufacture the PolyBilt truck body. PolyBilt filed for and received patent protection on the integration of the water and foam tank with the truck body compartments and components for a very durable and rugged truck body in the most demanding conditions. The PolyBilt truck body is the total solution for maximizing space in a fire truck and at the same time delivering rugged construction that is simply Bull Tough™.    PolyBilt has captured the attention of today’s fire departments by delivering a body with high impact resistance yet with a lightweight design and superior strength. PolyBilt bodies provide maximum storage space with the elimination of duplication of materials and also PolyBilt bodies have a beautiful paint finish.

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1991 – Pro Poly Inc. Founded


1996 – Became Pro Poly of America, Inc.


1998 – Established Wisconsin Operation Facility


1999 – Bent Edge™ Patent


2001 – PolyBilt Body Company, LLC. Founded with W.S. Darley & Co.


2002 – Integrated Body Patent


2004 – Partnership Started in United Kingdom for PolyBilt Europe


2010 – Partnership Started in Japan for PolyBilt Japan


2015 – 25,000 Tanks and Bodies Produced